Landlord/Tenant: Residential & Commercial Attorney in Marco Island

Our attorneys are skilled in drafting and reviewing leases and amendments to fit your situation and needs. We have experience drafting both commercial and residential leases as well as short term and long term leases and advising of the rights and responsiblities under the same. We work with you to draft lease documents that address your specific situation and make sure you understand all lease terms.


Situations such as non payment of rent or failure to comply with the lease terms may require the landlord to take action to terminate the lease and remove the tenant from the premises. Section 83, Florida Statutes governs the eviction process in Florida. It has strict requirements that must be followed in order for an eviction to be granted in Florida. Our attorney have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the eviction process. From presuit notice to obtaining a writ of possession, we will handle every step of the process for you.


Oftentimes when the lease has ended issues remain between landlord and tenant. Section 83, Florida Statutes also governs many disputes that arise when the lease is over and sets requirements on how disputes must be handled. We are here to help you resolve disputes over damages to the property and the tenant’s security deposit.

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