Debt/Judgment Collection & Defense


If you are facing a lawsuit from a debt collector or credit card company, our attorneys can provide you with representation to ensure that your rights are not violated and the creditor follows the law in pursuit of its claims without harrassing you. We are often able to reach favorable settlement for our clients before a lawsuit is filed or ever having to file an answer. If you have been contacted by a debt collector, our attorneys are here to help you.

Our office provides many types of collection service. Whether it be a personal loan, judgment, mortgage, or business account debt, we have the experience necessary to enforce your claims against the debtor. Our post-judgment collection work includes garnishment of wages, levies and attachments. If you have a claim you want to enforce, please contact our office to see how we can help you.


Mortgage foreclosure can be a very scary and emotional time. Our attorneys are experienced in asserting viable defenses againt mortgage foreclosure to protect you and may help keep you in your home for months or years while the litgiation is pending. We also work with you to find the best long-term solution whether that may be negotiating with your lender to reach a settlement, guiding you through a short sale or helping you make the decision to walk away. If you are facing foreclosure, please contact our office to find out how we can help you.

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