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Compensation for Auto Accident Victims

When a car accident or any other motor vehicle accident is the result of an act of negligence, the victim has the right to seek compensation. This compensation can cover a variety of costs, including lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses and more.

At the Law Offices of William G. Morris, P.A., our lawyers have the experience to stand up to negligent drivers and, more importantly, to the insurance companies that represent them. We know the steps to take to get results in these challenging cases.

Car Accidents and Beyond

Our attorneys can handle car accidents as well as all other motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Car crash cases involving bicyclists and pedestrians

We Take on Insurance Companies

In car accidents and other motor vehicle accident cases, we are going up against a very challenging opponent: the insurance company that represents the negligent driver. Insurance companies are big businesses that do not want to cut into their bottom lines by paying out claims to accident victims. They will do everything they can to pay as little as possible, or nothing at all.

We understand the tactics insurers use to avoid large payouts. We know how to counter them. We know how to build a case that is based on facts in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

Enlist a Law Firm With More Than 30 Years of Experience

Since 1983, our lawyers have successfully handled personal injury cases for clients in the Florida communities of Marco Island and Naples. Contact us today. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.