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The Final Option for Civil Dispute Resolution

At the Law Offices of William G. Morris, P.A., we are not only experienced in resolving civil disputes through litigation, we enjoy it. We also understand, however, that it is a very stressful and costly process. We believe it should never be the first option.

When our attorneys begin working on your case, our first step will be to discuss it with you and learn about the goals you want to achieve. Using our experience, we will carefully review all opportunities to achieve these goals with as little conflict as possible that may include mediation or arbitration. If we can get the outcome that you want without having to go to court, we believe we have truly succeeded.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are several forms of alternative dispute resolution: mediation, arbitration or even a simple phone call to opposing counsel. Mediation involves the two opposing parties working together with the assistance of a neutral mediator to reach an agreed-upon outcome — the outcome will only be binding if the parties agree. Arbitration is similar to traditional trial, except that an arbitrator takes the place of a judge and jury — the outcome is usually binding upon the parties.

Civil Litigation

When all other options have been exhausted, we will advise you that your case should go to trial. We will reinforce the strategy that we have already built. We will stand in front of a judge and a jury. We will use our experience to formulate an argument that will convince them to provide an outcome that is in your favor.

Enlist a Law Firm With More Than 30 Years of Experience

Since 1983, our lawyers have successfully handled civil litigation for clients in the Florida communities of Marco Island and Naples. Contact us today. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.