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Blog Posts in October, 2011

It's The Law: Federal Law Protects Debtors

Question: A bill collector is hounding me. He calls at all hours of the day and night, calls my work and threatens that I will go to jail if I do not pay. Isn't he violating the law? Answer: ...
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It's The Law: Homicide 101

Q: I recently saw in the news that a man was charged with manslaughter for killing his neighbor. I've always wondered why some killings are manslaughter and some are murder. What is the legal ...
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It's The Law: Glitches In Evictions

Question: I have problems with my tenant and want to kick him out. Is there anything in particular that I need to be worried about? Answer: Florida evictions are known as actions for possession. ...
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It's The Law: Attorney'S Fees Are Granted In Divorce

Question: My spouse and I are divorcing and I have no money. My spouse has hired a lawyer but I do not have money for a retainer. Will I be forced to proceed in our divorce case without an attorney? ...
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It's The Law: Equal Ownership Usually Means Equal Obligation

Question: My partner and I own a vacation condominium. He uses it a lot more than I do, but he wants me to pay half of all the expenses. What are my rights? Answer: Joint property owners are generally ...
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It's The Law: Drugs Are Bad

Q: My brother was arrested for possession of marijuana. Someone told us that possession of marijuana is a felony and he could actually go to jail! Is that true? How are drugs classified and are some ...
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